Marilyn’s Story

Dr. Marilyn Wienand has been a musician all her life. She has studied in Vienna, Austria, and holds degrees in organ and voice, with a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She was a college professor in voice and class piano for many years. She has been an organist and Choirmaster of several churches. She began playing the harp in 1990 and now makes that the major focus of her life. She owns a beautiful Salvi Aurora pedal harp, a Salvi Egan lever harp and also a 22 string lap harp which her husband built for her.

Marilyn performs widely in North Carolina with church orchestras, for weddings, receptions, parties and other events. Playing the harp professionally is a great joy to her and is a major part of her life. She especially enjoys adding elegance and sacred space through harp.

Marilyn has always been interested in healing, and the harp was a natural for her to use in her healing work with people who are ill or dying. She volunteered at the Hospice unit of a large hospital in Charlotte, and for her local Hospice group, and often played in people’s homes. People received a real blessing from her music. Much of the therapeutic music Marilyn played was written by her husband Karl. In fact he wrote this beautiful harp music because Marilyn desired to have more things to play in the therapeutic situation. She played for hospice in several hospitals, but after Karl died, it made her too sad. She how plays for the premie babies and in the ICU at local hosiptals.

Marilyn has two children and three grandchildren. Her daughter Kirsten and her husband, Scott Vaughan play Harry Potter inspired music as the group, “The Blibbering Humdingers”. They play music at  various geek/nerd conventions around North Carolina and further.

They can be found on Their two sons are Aiden and Liam.

Marilyn’s son, Mark Wienand Karlsen and his wife Micaela have one daughter, Cadence.

Mark plays in a group called Journey West, and can be found at


Marilyn’s other website, offers purchasable harp music composed by her late husband Karl Wienand.