Preformance options

Solo harp

Playing at Irregardless restaurant in Raleigh

I play many kinds of music—including “Stairway to Heaven!” Can you imagine that on the harp? It sounds great. I recently learned

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (Michael Jackson, of course”) for a bride who wanted it during her wedding prelude music. You can choose from my extensive harp repertoire of Classical, Celtic, and Pops harp music.

I play at live events such as parties, weddings, church services, senior living programs and other special occasions.
Here is a list of the pops repertoire, celtic repertoire, and the wedding repertoire that I play.


Castle McCullough

Merry Minstels

Castle McCullouch in Jamestown, NC. Photo by BG Photography.

Available for your Medieval or Renaissance theme wedding, party or reception: The Merry Minstrels perform Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic traditional music in period costumes on reproduction instruments. Their merry music includes jigs, reels, ballads, Gregorian chants, troubador love songs, and dances using harp, recorder, krumhorn, guitar, psaltery, penny whistle and hand drum. The members of the gourp are Marilyn Wienand, Kirsten Vaughan, and Scott Vaughan.

Castle McCullouch, BG Photography

Dear Marilyn,
Not only did the Merry Minstrels’ music set the tone and provide such lovely ambiance for our dream wedding, but your special sparkle and elegance helped to make the entire evening shine! We thank you for your talent, for playing my favorite song on the piano, and for being a part of

our wedding celebration! You are a treasure!

Kimberly and Shawn
Oct. 2010
Barclay Villa, Angier NC


For most weddings classical music such as music by Bach, Debussy, Handel, is appropriate. My repertoire list is organized according to the part of the ceremony it is best suited for. Please see my Ceremony Music Planning Page to help you organize your wedding music. But you may choose non-classical music for a wedding. It is your day, your style, your choice. For instance, I have played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for brides to walk in on two or three times.


Here are repertoire lists of the music I play, pops repertoire, celtic repertoire, and the wedding repertoire.